Let the light pierce through the darkness Close all old accounts, turn a new leaf Re-learn that old lesson of friendship Kill nor be killed, settle for lessening Amidst us of this fossilized hatred


Perhaps that time has not come yet when our, Gods would listen to the beats in our hearts, peace and happiness spread their glow, perhaps we would have to force Mother Time?.


Penske Auto selected to buy General Motors’ Saturn unit

Friday, June 5, 2009

General Motors Corporation (GM), an American automaker which has filed for bankruptcy protection, announced on Friday that the Penske Automotive Group (PAG) was selected to purchase Saturn Corporation. The transaction should be completed in October.

The purchase includes rights to the Saturn brand, its five current models and its dealership network. Two models would be discontinued, the Sky and Astra. GM would continue building the Aura sedan, the SUV’s, Vue and Outlook for at least two more years.

Saturn has 350 dealers across the United States. The dealers employ more than 13,000 jobs and sell only the Saturn autos. Canadian Saturn dealers are not included in the deal.

According to Penske future Saturn vehicles will be fuel economy focused. An expert indicated that this would move Saturn back to its roots of a entry level car company. PAG is in talks with several international automakers to replace GM after 2011. Automotive News reports that Renault Samsung Motors of Korea is the most likely candidate.

Penske wants Jill Lajdziak, Saturn’s general manager, and Tom LaSorda, former Chrysler President to head up the company when it is independent of GM.

Serra Automotive in Grand Blanc Township, Genesee County, Michigan, is in talks to take a partial ownership in a new Saturn lead by Penske.

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BASF makes $4.9 billion hostile bid for Engelhard

BASF makes $4.9 billion hostile bid for Engelhard

Wednesday, January 4, 2006

BASF has made a $4.9 billion hostile bid for Engelhard Corp. Engelhard is a US based supplier of pollution control devices such as catalytic converters, which it invented. Engelhard holds 35% of the world market on such pollution control devices. The bid is $37 a share in cash and may be increased by $1 a share.

BASF has over $4.79 billion for acquisitions after it sold Basell NV plastics in August.

If the acquisition goes through it will be the biggest ever hostile takeover of a US company by a European firm according to Bloomberg.

Engelhard shares have surged above the offer price on the news to about $38 a share. Some speculate Dow Chemical Co., the largest US chemical maker, will make a competing offer.

“Dow has an automotive materials business like BASF, and is diversified like BASF so that it could use all the pieces” said John Roberts, a Buckingham Research analyst.

US regulations going into effect in 2007 are tighter on emmissions. This will increase the demand for Engelhard’s catalytic converters. Limits are getting tighter in the EU and Japan as well.

Dow Chemical declined to comment on the bid or the possibility of the corporation making a bid, stating “it’s Dow’s policy not to comment on speculation regarding possible investment opportunities”.

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Dog Training With Dog Whisper Techniques

Submitted by: Chris Lahaie

It is hard to explain what it is like when you get your energy in the right place for dog training but when you do you will know it. Dog whisperer training is all about our energy and our aura. I recently took in a young male pit bull after finding him lost in the desert. It was a bizarre circumstance in which I found Biggie running aimlessly in the middle of the highway halfway between Las Vegas and Lake Mead National Recreation Center. He was in trouble and in need of water and shelter immediately. I had to help him right away. I didn t think twice about stopping in the road and picking him up. Trust me I was not out looking for another dog, at least not consciously anyway, since I already had 5 very well adjusted and stable dogs at home. But sometimes life seems to put things in our path to open our eyes to life. It is hard to deny the old adage that we get exactly what we need in our life when we are ready for it and when we need it. If we need it and we are not ready for it or have not grown enough to get the message we ill not get it.

One of the best things about the dog whisperer way and dog training is that we have to grow as a person if we are going to be a good pack leader. We have to be open to our role in the behavior issues in order to correct them. Our dogs model everything great about life and often we miss the point entirely. Anyway, I have found dogs before and it always seemed to be at the right time for me and they always had a message to reveal to me. Or at least open my eyes to seeing something I needed to change with more of an open mind.

YouTube Preview Image

As you have figured out by now I adopted this handsome young boy even though I thought I might be out of my mind. However, Biggie was so loving and friendly from the moment I pulled him off of the sweltering asphalt that I thought he was a good natured pup and should get a fair shot at a long loving life.

It is important that we make the conscious effort to connect our internal feelings as a cause and certain behaviors from our dogs as the effects. If we are unable or unwilling grasp the concept that dogs act as mirror to our emotions, this dog training method used by the dog whisperer will not be very productive.

If we pay attention we will see our dog s behavior is a wonderful mirror into our energy state. Our energy can be calm, assertive, agitated, angry, happy or sad and it will effect the energy of our pack. The easiest way to see the effect our energy has on our surroundings is to watch our dog s behavior when we are in different moods. The better you can be at reverting to calm, assertive energy you will move forward with your dog training much more rapidly.

You can read more on this subject at http://www.dogwhisper.net

About the Author: Chris is the author of


where you can find articles and infromation on the dog whisperer training methods and other helpful articles about dogs



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Oil in Alberta spill may be carcinogenic"">

Oil in Alberta spill may be carcinogenic

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The province of Alberta, Canada is considering legal action against Canadian National Railway for failing to warn that a derailment last week contaminated Wabamun Lake with a hazardous chemical.

The 700,000 litres of heavy Bunker C fuel oil that spilled into the lake asphyxiated birds and killed fish.

In addition, one of the ruptured tanker cars sent 70,000 liters of Imperial Pole Treating Oil into the lake. This oil is a yellow mixture of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and aliphatic hydrocarbons. Naphthalene, a component of this “very toxic material” is suspected of causing skin cancer if touched and lung or other cancers if inhaled.[1] Inhalation is promoted by actions that cause splashing or foaming. The mineral oil is used in connection with pentachlorophenol for preserving wooden utility poles.

Wabamun Lake is a popular summertime recreational area about 65 kilometers (40 miles) west of Edmonton, Alberta.

The 766-megawatt Keephills power generating plant, one of 3 in Wabamun, was shut down because the coal-fired plant uses water from the lake. Edmonton’s health authority ordered people not to swim, boat or rescue animals in the lake and to stop using its water or any water from nearby wells for cooking, drinking, showering or brushing teeth. These warnings came 3 days after many residents, including children, had been wading into the oil slick without protective clothing to save wildlife injured by the spill and others had been routinely depending on the lakewater for home use. Why the alert was not issued sooner remains under investigation and may result in criminal charges. Canadian National Railway had been informed of the nature of the oil when it was loaded by Imperial Oil Ltd., Canada’s largest petroleum company. Imperial Oil is posting informational updates on a special website [2]. In addition The Wabamun Residents Committee has established an information website [3].

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Dresden city council wants DNA matching for doggy-doo"">

Dresden city council wants DNA matching for doggy-doo

Thursday, March 31, 2005

Councillors at Dresden City Council in Germany would like to match doggy-doo left by pets on the sidewalk and in parks, against a DNA database storing profiles for all of the city’s 12,000 registered dogs. Karl Jobig, a Christian Democrat politician in Dresden, was surprised when his proposal received a majority vote.

“In this way, Dresden will once again be one of the cleanest cities in Germany,” Roland Putzger, the leader of the local council, told The Guardian.

DNA from registered dogs would be collected from blood or saliva for the “genetic fingerprinting” service.

Saxony’s data protection commissioner, Andreas Schurig, ruled that dogs had no rights over their data and could not object to the compulsory tests.

The proposal will be binding if the council passes it by majority vote in May.

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The Best Way To Clean Sterling Silver Jewelry}

The Best Way To Clean Sterling Silver Jewelry


Denise M Sanger

Many people have discovered the beauty of wearing silver. More and more people are finding that silver jewelry compliments their attire just as well or even better than gold. Others are discovering that silver and gold combination jewelry is one of their favorites.

However, fewer people fully understand how to properly clean their silver jewelry pieces. They believe that once their silver has tarnished, its beauty is lost forever. However, understanding the best way to clean silver jewelry will keep your pieces shiny and beautiful for years to come.

Over time, silver will likely tarnish. It is more common that your silver jewelry pieces will tarnish in humid climates than those that are not. Air pollution is also a harsh factor on this jewelry. When silver tarnishes, it loses it shine and turns a black hue. There are several ways to remove this hue and return your jewelry to its shiny and beautiful state.

In most cases, the easiest way is the best way to clean silver jewelry. Silver cleaning cloths are one of the fastest and best ways to clean and polish the jewelry back to its shiny appearance. These cloths are available in many different locations including supermarkets, jewelry stores, and other general store locations. They remove dirt, grime, body oils, and fingerprints from the silver. The cloths are fairly inexpensive and can be used multiple times. Simply wipe down the jewelry and it is immediately ready for wearing.

Some believe that the best way to clean silver jewelry is by using toothpaste and a toothbrush to buff the piece and free it from tarnish. While this method is effective, it is important to be careful not to scratch the jewelry with the brush bristles. Also be certain to rinse the jewelry with warm water when finished.

Many jewelry departments in stores offer a silver jewelry cleaning liquid. The jewelry pieces are dipped into the solution and then pulled out and wiped off. This method is also effective. However, it is easier to simply wipe the piece with a silver jewelry cleaning cloth. Some find it best to dip the jewelry and then wipe it with one of the cloths.

Others find that household cleaners also work for cleaning silver jewelry. However once again, you must be careful not to use an abrasive cleaner that will scratch or damage the jewelry.

If you have silver jewelry pieces with precious stones such as diamonds or other gemstones, it is best to take your jewelry piece to a jeweler to have it periodically cleaned. It is also a good idea to ask the jeweler about the proper home cleaning techniques to be used on your particular jewelry piece.

With the proper cleaning and storage, silver jewelry can retain its shine and beauty for many years. Black and tarnished silver jewelry pieces can easily be brought back to their original state with a little attention and care.

Denise Sanger is the owner o ButterflyJewelryShop.com which features a great selection of

sterling silver jewelry

including silver

butterfly jewelry

. The company may be reached at 877/297-9050

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Thieves steal £40 million from London jeweller"">

Thieves steal £40 million from London jeweller

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

In what police believe is the second-largest heist in Britain, armed robbers stole almost £40 million from a London jewellery shop on August 6.

These men are extremely dangerous and fired at least two shots in busy London streets as they made their getaway.

Two men armed with handguns held up employees of the Graff jewellers shop on New Bond Street, taking 43 items, among them expensive watches, bracelets, and rings. The duo escaped in a blue BMW, which they soon abandoned for a Mercedes. After driving to Farm Street, it is believed they may have got away in a third vehicle.

“This was a well planned robbery with a number of vehicles used to help the robbers escape. These men are extremely dangerous and fired at least two shots in busy London streets as they made their getaway,” said Detective Chief Inspector Pam Mace.

“Someone knows who these men are, they would undoubtedly have spoken about it beforehand or boasted about it afterwards,” she added. “I would urge anyone who recognises them, knows the whereabouts of the jewellery or has any other information to contact us.”

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Holiday Tours In Rajasthan In Summers}

Holiday Tours in Rajasthan in Summers



Rajasthan Tour is synonymous to an exotic experience in the land of forts and palaces belonging to the erstwhile Rajputs. Golden sand dunes of Thar Desert are in sync with an equally golden history and culture of the Rajputs. Rajasthan is no less than a living museum in India with its ancient traditions, customs, legacies and folklores.

Rajasthan is a place where rugged hills, colorful forts and arid deserts create a mood of fantasy. You will be overwhelmed by its essence and feel great to be acquainted with the culture and tradition of the rural folks of Rajasthan. Medieval forts and palaces scattered in several corners of Rajasthan are specimens of superb Indian architecture and skill. Some of the colorful forts that are a must visit during your Rajasthan tour are Amber Fort or Jaigarh Fort in Jaipur, Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur, Junagadh fort in Bikaner and Kumbhalgarh Fort which is also the birth place of Maharana Pratap Singh in Mewar. Chittorgarh fort famed for jauhar (act of self-immolation to protect chastity) by Queen Padmini is among famous forts besides Taragarh fort, Neemrana Fort and Ranthambore Fort. Royal and splendid Hawa Mahal and Jal Mahal will take you to an era of the regal Rajput past. Rajasthans Pushkar dons on a festive look when its time for world famous Pushkar Cattle (Camel) Fair. If you are on Rajasthan tour during this time you can feel the pulse of the largest cattle fair in India.

The land of erstwhile Rajput kings and enchanting cities has variety in respect of forts, colorful fairs and wildlife. Visit the famous Ranthambore National Park and Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary during Rajasthan tour. Equally beautiful is the scenic hill station of Rajasthan, Mount Abu. Do not miss out on the rich cuisine, music and arts and crafts of Rajasthan.

Last but not the least, if you are keen to explore the geographical and cultural diversity of India, Rajasthan tour should be a significant schedule in your tour itinerary. You would definitely have a thrilling and exciting vacation with wildlife safari, Thar Desert camel safari or a joy ride on Palace on Wheels.

For more information on

Rajasthan Tour

, we invite you to visit http://www.rajasthantravelagent.com/ .

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Holiday Tours in Rajasthan in Summers }

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