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Perhaps that time has not come yet when our, Gods would listen to the beats in our hearts, peace and happiness spread their glow, perhaps we would have to force Mother Time?.


British FTSE index reaches one-year high, other European markets rise

Monday, October 12, 2009

The British stock index FTSE 100 closed at its highest levels in over a year on Monday, following news of stronger commodity prices.

The share index increased by 48.3 points, or 0.9% to finish the day at a level of 5,210.17, a figure not seen since last September.

The best performer was the Old Mutual insurance company, reaching a sixteen-month high after gaining 4.6%.

Some economic analysts think that the FTSE index could continue to gain for the remainder of the week. David Jones, the chief market strategist at IG Index, said that “the next FTSE target traders are eyeing in the short term is the 5,350 high hit in September last year and the way sentiment is going it would not be a surprise to see that hit this week.”

Other European markets also posted gains on Monday. The German DAX index gained 71.35 points to a level of 5,783.23, while the French CAC 40 increased 46.19 points to 3,845.8.

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Ford’s US auto sales spike, surpassing GM

Ford’s US auto sales spike, surpassing GM

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ford Motor Company said on Tuesday that its sales in the United States rose 43% in February compared to the same period last year, as the automaker outsold rivals Toyota and General Motors.

The strength of our new products … are resonating with customers

Ford said that total sales improved to 142,285 units, compared to 141,951 units sold by GM. Additionally, Ford said that its share of the total US car market rose to 17%, up from 14% a year ago. The increase was better than analysts had predicted, and Ford’s stock rose to a five-year high in morning trading, before declining later in the day. Ford’s sales were significantly influenced by a 74% increase in fleet sales to businesses. Rental car agencies alone accounted for around 30,000 units sold. Sales to retail consumers increased only 28%.

The increases were led by sales of two sedans, the Fusion and Taurus, which rose 166.5 and 93.3% respectively, although sales of other models such as SUVs and pickup trucks also increased. Both models were significantly redesigned last year, and analysts said that improved quality from such cars were driving the increases.

Other companies also reported February sales today, nearly all reporting sales gains as well, although none as large as those of Ford. Toyota was the sole exception to the sales gains, as their sales declined 8.7%, as the company was faced with a global recall during the month that led to a temporary stoppage of production for some models.

“The strength of our new products … are resonating with customers,” said Ken Czubay, Ford’s vice president of sales and marketing. However, he believed that traditional Toyota customers were not buying rival autos, but rather awaiting the results from the recalls.

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Unique Desserts For Weddings}

Submitted by: John Schofield

While guests have a dilemma on what wedding gifts to give to newly wed couples, the bride and groom themselves are also concerned about wedding accessories, food, and themes. Most people have a dilemma on what dessert to serve for the wedding. Whether you are having a themed wedding or going for the traditional formal one, you may be tempted to go for the common desserts like puddings, cakes, ice creams, cookies, fruit trays, and chocolate fondue. Why not be unique? You surely want every part of the wedding including the desserts to be memorable. Below are some distinctive desserts for weddings. They are sweeter than the usual desserts. Have one of them served at one of the food stations for the reception.

Cakes and Breads

Every wedding would certainly have a cake to be served at the reception. The cakes surely have been a tradition but it still depends on the preference. However, some guests do not like cakes. A great solution is to add another dessert like cupcake. It might not be as big as the wedding cake but it has a different taste. You can also have small individual cakes that are shaped like a Tiffany-style box filled with berries and creams. It is a great substitute for the traditional four-tiered wedding cake. You can also have a bread pudding. You can opt for apple, peach, raspberry or chocolate flavors. Some options are croissants or brioches.

Dips and Toppings

If bread and cake is really not an option, you can have some bowls of fruits, sprinkles, chocolate flakes, fruits, creams and candies to be toppings for the ice cream. You can have the toppings available for the guests to choose whatever they want for their ice cream. Dipping stations would also be a little different. Fruity desserts like strawberries and apples can be dipped to chocolate. Choose between white and dark chocolate. You can also use milk or whipped cream.


Create one for the guests or let them create one. A wedding with lots of kids (and kids at heart) may have cookies as dessert but take it to the next level. Have a station where the guests can decorate their own cookie. The idea is to let them have a delicious dessert and let them use their creativity. Another option is to ask the caterer to create cookies with picture or message. It gives a personal touch to the dessert.

You can also have a chocolate fondue fountain. Lots of couples may have done this so why not do some extra work. Dont just a put a big chocolate fondue fountain at the buffet table. Have small version in each table. You can also have some assorted sweets, cake, cookies and fruits.

How to Serve

One of the best unique ways to serve desserts is to have a special dessert station like mentioned above. It works if the reception is of buffet type. The set up will also give guests the chance to mingle with each other. You can have several types of desserts. Each of them may be placed in separate station or you can have a table that is designated for the desserts. You can also opt for the traditional tray serving.

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Eastern Conference wins 2008 NBA All-Star Game"">

Eastern Conference wins 2008 NBA All-Star Game

Monday, February 18, 2008

Eastern Conference 134 128 Western Conference

The Eastern Conference defeated their Western Conference counterparts at the 2008 National Basketball Association All-Star Game held at New Orleans Arena in New Orleans, Louisiana on Sunday. The final score was 134-128.

The East took an early 11 point lead in the first 5 minutes, due to an injured Kobe Bryant only playing 2 minutes before sitting on the bench for the rest of the game. “There’s one player we really, really missed, and that was Kobe,” said West coach Byron Scott. The West later reduced the lead to 2 points, but at halftime, the East led 74-65.

The West trailed by 13 at the beginning of the fourth quarter, but rallied behind New Orleans point guard Chris Paul, who had seven assists in the final period. With 2:48 remaining, Brandon Roy scored a layup on an assist from Paul, giving the West a 122-119 lead, their biggest lead of the game.

The East then answered back with two three-pointers from Ray Allen, before Chris Paul tied the game with a three-pointer of his own. However, the East would then take the lead and the game with layups from Dwyane Wade and Allen, as well as a driving dunk from LeBron James. A Brandon Roy three-pointer put the game within three points with 8.7 seconds left, but 3 free throws from Ray Allen sealed the win for the East.

“The fourth quarter was crazy,” said Chris Paul. “We were down 13. We picked up the intensity. We took the lead a few times but Ray Allen was unbelievable the way he shot the ball. And that last dunk by LeBron, we had two people on him but that still wasn’t enough.”

With 27 points, 8 rebounds, and 9 assists, James was named the All-Star Game’s Most Valuable Player for the second time in his career. Some television commentators also considered Ray Allen a likely choice for the award, with 14 of his 28 points coming in the final 3 minutes of the game. “I think Ray Allen had a heck of a shooting night,” James said after being presented the award.


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Set Up A Simplified Accounting System For Your Home Business}

Set Up A Simplified Accounting System For Your Home Business


scott young

A lot of home businesses fail because they lack the necessary financial system to track down the flow of their money. More often than not, home based business owners are not really very keen at keeping their books of accounts, thinking that as long as money keeps coming in, they will be all right. Unfortunately, things are not really that simply when you are engaged in business. If you want to stay in business for a long time, you will need to keep track of your financial flow for your own use and for taxation purposes. Note that if you do not keep track of your income, sooner or later the IRS will be unto you and you will get into big trouble.

Setting up your own simplified bookkeeping system is not really very complicated. If you like to keep your records in your computer, you might want to buy accounting software or just simply use whatever programs that will allow you to make a spreadsheet in your computer to record your daily transactions. However, you have some money to spare for an accounting program, it would be better to have one. There is a number of easy to use accounting software being sold in the market today. The good thing about these accounting programs is that you do not need to worry about balancing your books of accounts. You simply input all your data in one page and the program will run on its own. Most accounting programs will automatically perform the different accounting process and will immediately update your statements of accounts. Retrieving data from an accounting program is also easy. All you need to do is to go to it archives and select which ones you want to see. For instance, if you want to know how much your net income is for the month, you simply pull-out the income statement page and you will see your income instantly. Another advantage of using a computer accounting program is that you get rid of all the papers and ledgers in your workplace.

Now, in case you are not comfortable using your computer to balance your books, then you just has to you things the old-fashioned way. What if you do not know anything about accounting processes? Never mind if you are not good in accounting and balancing statements of accounts, just keep simplified records of your transactions. A three-column worksheet will do nicely. You can easily find this type of worksheet in the bookstore. When dividing your worksheet, you can have one column for all the money you received in connection with the business, another column for all the money that you spend for your business and the third column will be for your running balance.

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California releases search warrant for Wells Fargo bank on identity theft"">

California releases search warrant for Wells Fargo bank on identity theft

Saturday, October 22, 2016

The California Department of Justice on Wednesday released the warrant and affidavit of a criminal investigation of the Wells Fargo bank. The State of California served the warrant on October 5 to search the San Francisco headquarters of Wells Fargo for felonious activities related to identity theft.

The warrant said property to be seized at the bank’s San Francisco headquarters was related to the unauthorized creation of accounts by Wells Fargo employees including the names of individuals for the accounts; account information and fees; the names of employees and their managers who created accounts without the consent of the Wells Fargo customers in question; and all communications including emails referencing the unauthorised accounts.

California Attorney General Kamala Harris’s criminal probe is part of an increasing list of officials nationwide questioning the business practices of Wells Fargo such as California State Treasurer John Chiang who announced a one-year suspension of State investment with the bank on September 28; Illinois State Treasurer Mike Frerichs followed suit with a year-long ban on October 3; and Democratic United States Senators Bob Menendez of New Jersey, Jeff Merkley of Oregon, and Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, who wrote to the U.S. Security Exchanges Commission (SEC) suggesting investigation on September 29.

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Twitter to allow censorship of posts on a country by country basis"">

Twitter to allow censorship of posts on a country by country basis

Sunday, January 29, 2012

The microblogging service Twitter has changed its software support for censoring posts. With the new updates, Twitter can now withdraw individual posts and accounts in specific countries, as opposed to a global deletion. Twitter announced these changes in a blog post on Thursday, and released a clarification update on Friday.

Twitter says it needed to make the changes to expand on an international level. It said in a blog post entitled Tweets still must flow, “we will enter countries that have different ideas about the contours of freedom of expression. Some differ so much from our ideas that we will not be able to exist there. Others are similar but, for historical or cultural reasons, restrict certain types of content, such as France or Germany, which ban pro-Nazi content.” Twitter says it will use the new feature only “when required to do so in response to what we believe to be a valid and applicable legal request.”

We will enter countries that have different ideas about the contours of freedom of expression.

The new tools will give Twitter the ability to withdraw posts and entire accounts in selected countries. Once the posts have been withdrawn, they are replaced with a message saying: “This Tweet/account has been withheld in: Country.” and then links to a support page.

The social network has been used in the past as an outlet for political expression. During the Arab Spring, protesters in various countries used Twitter to mobilize support and report information to the outside world.

Some users have proposed boycotting Twitter. The organization Reporters without Borders sent an open letter to Twitter’s chairman, Jack Dorsey, saying “We urge you to reverse this decision, which restricts freedom of expression and runs counter to the movements opposed to censorship that have been linked to the Arab Spring, in which Twitter served as a sounding board… Twitter is depriving cyberdissidents in repressive countries of a crucial tool for information and organization.”

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Tornado touches down in Joplin, Missouri"">

Tornado touches down in Joplin, Missouri

Monday, May 23, 2011

A tornado touched down yesterday in Joplin, Missouri, causing widespread damage. At least 89 were killed.

The path of the tornado was reported to be from one half to three quarters of a mile wide. City spokeswoman Lynn Onstot estimated the path to be nearly four miles long; Jasper County emergency management director Keith Stammer put its length around six miles.

You see pictures of World War II, the devastation and all that with the bombing. That’s really what it looked like.

Witnesses described entire blocks of buildings destroyed. Steve Runnels of the National Weather Service said “We have reports of significant structural damage to strong buildings. Automobiles have been flipped, bark was stripped off trees.”

Among the properties damaged was a local hospital, St. John’s Regional Medical Center. Some patients were hurt, and all were evacuated to other regional hospitals. The local high school, Joplin High School, was also hit. Describing the damage, its principal, Kerry Sachetta, said “You see pictures of World War II, the devastation and all that with the bombing. That’s really what it looked like. I couldn’t even make out the side of the building.”

Joplin has a population of about 50,000.

President Barack Obama has ordered the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to support state and local efforts in response and recovery. He issued a statement with condolences to the families of victims.

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